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Whitewater rafting on the Bhote Koshi, Nepal
Above: Whitewater rafting on the Bhote Koshi, Nepal

Rafting trips in Nepal & Bhutan

White-water rafting is a fun, exciting and demanding activity, and the rivers descending from the Himalayas are some of the very best in the world for exciting and demanding rapids. Some short, easy rafting is available in Bhutan, but most of our rafting is done in Nepal where the infrastructure is well developed and the local guides have been running the rivers through high and low water for years. Different rivers have their own characters, quirks and can be rafted in different seasons. Particularly during the monsoon, some rivers are at their very best, while others are just too fast and full to raft. 

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Rafting in Nepal & Bhutan

Comprehensive guide to whitewater rafting in Nepal & Bhutan.

Bardia National Park, Nepal

Nepal's most westerly National Park and home to the countries largest population of Bengal tigers.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is a unique and fascinating city that has been a mecca for travellers for over 60 years.

Sukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve, Nepal

Sukla Phanta lies far to the west of Nepal, near the border with India and was the countries first National Park.

Trekking grades

Understand more about how we grade our treks in Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet.

Rafting in Nepal & Bhutan

Comprehensive guide to whitewater rafting in Nepal & Bhutan.

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"All in all a great experience & very enjoyable holiday."

Ewan Turner (Annapurna Sanctuary)

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