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Tibet's tourist industry is still developing, though the increased influence from China is increasing the available infrastructure and hotel options, particularly in Lhasa. There are now some international chain hotels in Lhasa, and also some interesting smaller boutique style hotels built in traditional Tibetan style. Outside the capital, the available options are limited and often very basic. As well as guesthouses and 2 or sometimes 3-star hotels, simple accommodation in monasteries is also sometimes available and can make for a memorable experience.

Choosing hotels

If you are travelling on one of our small-group tours, or you have booked one of our set tour itineraries to do privately, then we will let you know the hotels to be used on your tour a couple of weeks before departure. If you have specific requirements for hotels to be used for your holiday, then subject to availability we can always book them, but we will arrange and price the tour as a tailor-made itinerary.

Star ratings

Where they are available, the star ratings given on this website are the official ratings the hotels have received from the local tourism authorities. Many hotels in Tibet however, particularly in remote areas, do not receive official ratings.

Within each town, city or area there can be a wide variation between the standard of hotels within each star rating. Apart from a few exceptions in Lhasa, you should not expect standards to be as good as in neighbouring Nepal or to be comparable with western standards.

Comfort ratings

All of our tours have been assigned different 'comfort ratings' to give you an idea of the level of accommodation used. More information about comfort ratings...

Basic comfort ratingTours that we have assigned this comfort rating in Tibet may spend time trekking and camping, or staying in basic guest-houses and hotels. They may also feature some hotels at around the 3-star level in Lhasa and Kathmandu.

Standard comfort ratingThe majority of the accommodation on these tours is based on mid-range hotels. These are often the best available in small towns and may still be fairly basic.

Luxury comfort ratingThese tours feature stays in on some of the very best  hotels available in Tibet. We select hotels that we know are at or near the top of the range within each area, and this may mean that the level of accommodation varies during the itinerary (eg. if you stay in the best hotel in Lhasa and Kathmandu, but visit some remote areas as well, those sections will not be of a comparable standard).

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