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Bardia National Park, Nepal

Spotted deer, Bardia National Park, Nepal
Bengal tiger, Bardia National Park, Nepal Sunrise in Bardia National Park, Nepal
Above: Spotted deer, Bardia National Park, Nepal
  • Spotted deer, Bardia National Park, Nepal
  • Bengal tiger, Bardia National Park, Nepal
  • Sunrise in Bardia National Park, Nepal

Bardia’s location in the west of the country is one of the reasons why this park is significantly quieter than Chitwan. The only real quick way to get to the park is to fly into Nepalganj and transfer from the airport there (approx. 2.5 hours).

Bardia was one of many areas which had a large Maoist presence, which in turn, helped to control the poaching of the parks animals. The density of wildlife and birds found here is as great here as anywhere in Asia. Rhinos were hunted to extinction here in the early 20th century, but were re-introduced in the mid 1980’s and by 2002 numbered at least 50. Tigers were also estimated then to number around 50, but bear in mind that it is believed that these magnificent creatures are one hundred times more likely to see you than the other way around. Because of the park’s remote location with minimal human disturbance, experts regard this as the most promising place in Nepal to have an active tiger breeding programme, and it is also the best place in Nepal for tourists to have a chance to see them. Elephants migrate here from India for part of the year and there are thought to be around 30 wild elephants that do this. Other wildlife found here includes 5 species of deer, Langur monkeys, wild pig, and both the Mugger and Gharial crocodiles. There are also 400 species of birds.

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